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The Civic
Energy Cycle
1. Initiation
2. Planning
3. Roll-out
4. Reflection
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Phase: Initiation

Community stakeholder consortium formation

Forming a stakeholder consortium from scratch can be a challenging and staggering task. Here we present you some ways that might help you in forming your own consortium or in finding already existing Civic Energy initiatives you might want to participate in.

The COBEN project has taken a deeper look at the stakeholders involved in various civic energy initiatives around Europe.
Business Model name
Benefits - Administrative
Commune of Zelzate
EOP's (village/community counsils)
municipality of Emmen
Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune
Ringkøbing-Skjern kommune
City of Eeklo
EOP's Oranjedorp and Nieuw-Dordrecht (village counsils)
Commune Schoten
RVO (national subsidy authority)
Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate
provincie Oost-Vlaanderen
City Council of Eeklo
municipality of Emmen
real estate division municipality of Emmen
Village Cluster "Vestrum" and the individual communities/villages within the cluster
municipalities Eeklo, Kaprijke, Maldegem
Benefits - Business
Developer Westhoek => Industrial KMO zone
Tripple Living 250 apartments
Veolia PLC
Housing associations
Municipal real estate companies
Groenleven (commercial developer)
local craftsmen and installers
Schulte Biogas GmbH & Co.KG (Biogas Plant Company)
Schulte Biogas GmbH & Co.KG (Biogas Plant Company)
Veolia PLC
Benefits - Community
The cooperative/ cooperative members
Users of community buildings (schools, societal organisations, community institutions, et cetera)
local energy clubs for demarcated local areas with one or more villages
Local energy clubs at the village/community/local level
Local citizens
nature conservation groups
Energy enthusiasts
Possible private partner
Benefits - Cooperatives
Ecopower SCRL
energy cooperatives and other civic RE initiatives in Emmen
Coop Videbæk
cooperative members
cooperative members
cooperative members
cooperative members
Coperative partner still to be defined
Zuidrand ( Cooperative partner )
Ecopower SCRL
Benefits - Land owners
land owners, farmers
mr. Mensen (landowner and project developer)
landowner/ project developer
Benefits - other
Aalborg University - expert inputs furthering the development of the initiative
adjacent citizens and companies
The model for local energy plans does not determine a particular organisational model. It is anticipated that actions where implemented will lead to one of the following: community-owned development; shared ownership/joint venture or local authority/developer-led development that meets the community's requirements.
Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh (Barra & Vatersay Community) Ltd - community owned company whose aim is to support community development on Barra and Vatersay
VPB (union of SME's in Emmen)
Altoni Kelderman
Skjern udviklingsforum